A Free-Thinking Person's

Guide to Understanding COVID-19



Hello Friend


Does something about with this entire pandemic feel "off" to you?


Having a hard time turning off the news because you're seeking clarity & hope?


Have you lost friends over your thoughts/reactions to the virus?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, welcome. You're safe here.


The resources here can help you feel grounded and hopeful again.


Stay well friends. Truth is gonna win! 




This Page Has Three Purposes

1. Crush Any Fear You May Have of the Virus

Once you understand how germs work, you'll know why you have nothing to fear.

2. Pull Back the Curtain on the Bad Actors

Really shady stuff is happening. Wishing that wasn't true won't help. It's the time to fight back.

3. Help You Feel Hopeful

Truth and love drive out fear. More people are waking up every day. Spread the word!

My Top Three Resources...So Far

Watch these and you'll feel like the blinders just fell off. 

Overcoming Any Fear of Germs


If you've been afraid of germs, this will fix that forever. I'll discuss why you might want to skip the covid vaccine, and 5 common mindset mistakes.

Debate on Forced Vaccination


This is a must watch if you want to actually understand the landscape of both the vaccine industry, and the rampant conflicts of interest at play.

Conspiracy Theory Exposed


If I could only ask you to watch one presentation this would be it. There may be nothing that puts COVID-19 into clearer perspective than this. 

Where to Go to Get Real News

Children's Health Defense

The team of lawyers taking on all the regulatory agencies and suing pharma.


The Highwire with Del Bigtree

Two-hour investigative journalism show. See it every Thursday at 2pm EST. 


The Corbett Report

Curious why the heck Bill Gates is even relevant to public health?



A page with a ton of censored and contrarian content.


Health Freedom Fighters

You are not alone. Find organizations in your state by clicking above.


America's Frontline Doctors

After 16 million + views in a matter of hours, the video below was censored by Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Why?

Four Documentaries Everyone Should See

You will look at vaccines the same way again.

1986: The Act

Did you know our government took away all liability from drug companies for injuries or deaths from vaccines.


This fantastic film explore media bias and manipulation, and will challenge both liberal and conservative thinkers alike.


Whistleblower at the CDC exposed the fraudulent attempt to cover up the connection between vaccines and autism.

The Social Dilemma

Wow! This is a must-see film about how much the big tech platforms are literally unravelling our society.

Keep Hope Alive Friends

Truth is Going to Win!

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