Healthy-Lifestyle Reset:
Family Edition

We'll Help You Establish a Home-Life Where Everyone Thrives

So many families have been thrown for a loop in this past year. Join us for a program to reclaim peace in your home, fill your days with purpose, and set up the systems to help your family thrive.

It's time to stop waiting for life to go back to normal.

Your Family Needs You and We Want to Help.

Does this sound like you?

  • Have you fallen into unhealthy habits?  
  • Are you concerned for your kid's well-being? 
  • Does your home-life lack structure? 
  • Is there palpable anxiety in your home?​
  • Has there been way too much screen time?
  • Have you been short with your kids lately?
  • Is joy missing from your home? 
  • Have you not been the best role model?
  • Do you feel ill-equipped to help?

It's Time to Rally

This isn't just another "declutter-and-get-organized" program. 

This is a rallying cry for parents to come together to fight for what's most important...home.

What This Program is All About

A Six-Week Journey to Accomplish Three Things



We'll bring you together around the table with the most life-changing conversations you've had and in so doing, deepen the love in your home.



Nothing brings a family together like an important, shared mission. We'll teach you how to infuse purpose into everything your family does.



A successful home life doesn't just happen. We'll help you take your vision and develop the unique, well-though-out systems you'll need.

Let's Make Sure...

Whatever Happens Out There

Doesn't Disrupt What's In Here

You Don't Have to Do This Alone

Let's Restore the Joy in Your Home...Together

  • Take Back Control of Your Family

  • Deepen Your Marriage

  • Learn Exciting New Skills Together

  • Build Your Unique Home-Life Systems

  • Navigate Difficult Conversations

  • Create a Home That's a Haven

  • Develop Healthy Downtime Habits

  • Create a Family Mission Statement

  • Diffuse Anxiety and Awaken New Dreams 

  • Gift Your Kids with Key, Life Lessons

  • Get Everyone on the Same Page

  • Meet New Friends With Shared Values

A Program Like No Other

Our Healthy-Lifestyle Reset: Family Edition provides

  • Six, inspiring presentations to help get on the same page, awaken your ability to dream again, and give you the tools to release any tension or anxiety permeating your home.

  • "Dinner Discussions" to guide your family through important conversations, help you create a Mission Statement, and support each other like only family can.

  • Weekly, coaching calls (kids welcome) designed to foster discussion, deepen course content, and take back control of your family life. Note: Calls will be recorded for those who cannot attend live. 

  • A complete, home-management system with tools to establish and maintain the regular rhythms that run your home--designed to encourage involvement from all family members (no matter the age) and prevent any one person from shouldering all the responsibility of running the home.

  • One, half-day "Saturday Summit" to put all the pieces together and move into the new systems of your home with ease.

  • BONUS MATERIAL: Cooking tutorials for kids, home-workout ideas, and more...

Meet Your Coaches

It is Our Joy to See You Thrive 

It's so nice to meet you...


We are parents to 5 children, ages 13, 10, 7, 5, 1-month. We are also business owners who've have had to learn how to juggle the tasks of work, homeschooling, and home management, and we too have experienced the difficulties that come along with the fullness of schedules and the changes of seasons. 


As creators of our Healthy-Lifestyle-Reset Coaching Program, we have witnessed countless people transform their struggling health challenges, which led us to endeavor to create a program that passes on these same principals to families who find themselves struggling in the aftermath of a year of disruptions and challenges. 


It is our holistic approach, along with our belief that as parents we are responsible for modeling health and wellness for the next generation, which led us to the creation of this program.  


We hope it infuses new life into your home and helps reclaim a sense of connection to each other, and to a greater purpose as a family which will bless you and others for generations to come. 


Your Friends on the Journey,

Christian and Nina Elliot

Meet Our Family

Naomi, Christian, Cohen, Nina, Noah, and Caleb 

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