Introducing: Female Cycle Training


Ladies, It's Time to Work with Your Body.

You probably have an intuition that your cycle can impact your mood, energy, and cravings, but have you ever considered how your menstrual cycle impacts what kind of exercise is best?

It's Not About Willpower.


Come learn why your energy, drive, and hunger levels fluctuate, and how where you are in your cycle should impact your choices. 

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No More Beating Yourself

Up For What's Normal!

This May Be What You've Been Missing

VIDEO ONE - The Hierarchy Framework

We can't talk about female hormones

unless we talk about this first.

VIDEO TWO - Nutrition Intuition

Why "eat less, move more" is terrible

advice, and what to do instead. 

VIDEO THREE - Female Cycle Training

A plan for approaching food and exercise in a rhythm that matches your cycle.

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