We Get You...


We are a husband and wife team (with four sweet kids), passionate about healthy living. We imperfectly execute this thing called “a healthy lifestyle,” but that doesn’t stop us from trying. We believe change is possible. We know we'll always have more to learn, and we know change is more fun together.  


We believe overwhelm is the enemy. If you can beat that monster, you can conquer anything. As exercise, nutrition, and coaching experts, we strive to capture what has helped us and others, and bring a practical, level-headed approach to helping people through the crazy-busy middle third of life.


You’re not one-dimensional. We don't think your health strategy should be either. All your future ambitions in some way or another, relate to your health, but doing the research and putting all the pieces together on your own…that’s daunting. And that’s where we come in! 


  • Wrestling with your health
  • A busy, hard-to-balance life
  • The emotional journey of change
  • That your hopes, dreams, time, and money are your most personal and prized possessions


  • Our deep diet, exercise, and holistic living education
  • A Whole-Human (whole-life) approach to reaching your goals
  • Our successes and failures (and there are plenty of both)
  • A few hundred of our 1-1 clients


  • Access to information isn't the problem. The challenge is to weed out what won't help, and to figure out how to consistently execute what will.
  • Health advice without 1) a compelling why and 2) the right support, is a recipe for an inevitable willpower struggle you will never win. 
  • Goal setting, and goal achievement, are two totally different things.

Where Did We Get All This Experience?

What Sets Us Apart

We’ve Observed the Health and Fitness Industry From an Objective Place Few People Ever Will...

and we've been through the school of hard knocks learning what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle in today’s fast-paced society.  

  • For 12 years, we ran our own health and fitness consulting business that grew to 40 employees across a broad spectrum of services such as personal training, Pilates, group fitness, naturopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, and more.
  • We ran 4 different brick and mortar locations and managed over 12,000 square feet of space.
  • We’ve developed a network of professionals for just about any aspect of health you can think of.
  • We’ve spent more than 20,000 hours coaching people 1-1 and in groups.
  • When you can earn a living from dozens of different services you become unattached to how people get well and can really look out for what’s best for your clients.

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