How to Solve the "Knowing vs. Doing"

Problem When it Comes to Your Health


Join me for a practical framework to understand yourself,

stay motivated, and finally reach your health goals.









You've Never Seen an Approach Like This

Until You Learn This, You'll Keep Going in Circles

What I'll Teach You in This FREE Training

  • How to slay the dragons of self-sabotage, lost motivation, and repeated failures so you can make progress and keep it that way.

  • How to become a full-spectrum upstream thinker who can identify and address the motivation challenges holding you back.

  • The three-pronged strategy that is the antidote for an overly simple AND overly complicated approach to health.

  • Ask the single-most-important question you have to answer to get and stay healthy.

  • How your unique "Transformation Type" -- i.e the way you're wired--influences your path to a breakthrough.

  • How to understand and overcome your "shadow side" so you can make progress and keep it that way.

Presented by

Christian Elliot

Christian Elliot is a certified personal trainer, life coach, health coach, and nutrition expert. He is a no-nonsense mentor of achievers, and has helped hundreds of clients radically transform their health and keep it that way.



Nothing in this presentation should be considered medical advice or as a substitute for medical advice. Anyone considering fasting is advised to do so under the supervision of a trusted healthcare provider. There is no guarantee that by following anything in this presentation that you will experience the results you want. 

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