• No Required Lab Tests and Supplements

  • No "Energy" Bars, Shakes, or Juice Cleanses

  • No Brutal Workouts or Long Bouts of Cardio

  • No Switching to a Plant-Based Diet

  • No Drastic, Unsustainable Measures

How We Change Lives

One Step at a Time

Food, Fitness, Sleep, Detox and More


Health is built one carefully-selected, thoughtfully-practiced habit at a time.   


Healing requires ancestral nutrition, fitness that isn’t just about exercise, and replacing the habits that have lead to poor health in the first place. 


The best part is, we help you build your new habits around the life you actually want to live.

Coaching, Community & Accountability


Personal coaching helps you see your blind spots, speed up learning, and accomplish goals while adjusting to challenges.


Even better, our community provides the like-minded support, accountability, and inspiration you need to break mental barriers, reach new heights, and never feel alone as you grow into a new, healthy lifestyle.

No Other Program Even Comes Close

Experience the Whole-Human Difference

  • 360-Degree

    Health Audit

    You've never seen your story come into such clear focus. We'll find out what's blocking your health.

  • Essentialist-Focused Lifestyle Planning

    Clarify important tradeoffs and live more in line with your values as you master new boundaries.

  • Mindset Coaching & Habit Formation

    Identify and delete false narratives as you upgrade your routines to make good health inevitable. 

  • Detailed Tracking and Accountability

    Harness the power of tracking and see your mental, emotional, and  logistical obstacles in a new light.

  • Unlimited 1-1 Personal Coaching

    We're highly available to coach you through the day-to-day challenges and keep you motivated.

  • Personalized Eating Plans

    No one diet works for everyone. Through careful analysis of your health audit, we'll formulate a plan.

  • Learn how to shop, prep, and cook real, delicious, nourishing food and never go on a "diet" again.  

  • Live, Group Coaching and Inspiration

    You're not alone. Witness the power of the group effect as you and others overcomes obstacles.

  • Knowing brings confidence. Learn how your body works and you'll  become your own health guru. 

  • Personalized Fitness Plans

    Learn proper form, how to move without pain, and find your version of a fit, capable, active body. 

  • Vast and Growing Exercise Library

    Never lack for new ideas. We have dozens of workouts and 100s of exercises to inspire/challenge you.

  • Robust Online Community

    Plug in. Ask questions. Find encouragement, and make new friends along the way.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Real People. Real Transformations.

They Did It. So Can You.

Lost 50 lbs. in 10 Months After Years of Struggle

"Before the program I was out of control. My body wasn't cooperating. Now, I feel like I finally got control and know how to make sustainable changes in my body composition."

Jeffrey Rodman

48, Husband, Father of 6, Counselor

Read Jeffrey's Full Story

Lost 10 lbs, 5% Body Fat and Became Pregnant at Age 40

"Knowing I was not alone made the process much easier. I gained confidence, new cooking skills, stopped the antacids, reduced my anxiety meds and have so much more energy." 

Tara McGaugh

39, Wife, Stay-at-Home Mother of 3

Read Tara's Full Story

Reversed Heart Disease and Lost 20 lbs in 10 Weeks

“Going in, I wanted to lose weight to improve my health, but weight loss became a mere collateral benefit. I built better habits and my blood pressure went from 172/82 to 110/69."

Bill Lietzau

58, Husband, Dad, Retired US Marine

Read Bill's Full Story

Got Questions? 

We Got Answers

How long is the program?

What if I have a vacation scheduled and/or have to miss a week or two?

Am I required to purchase any additional products to participate in the program?

I have an injury. Will I be able to participate in the exercise portion of the program?

What is the dietary philosophy of the program?

How is the program delivered?

The Best Part...it Comes With...

A Transformation Guarantee

If you finish the program--complete the materials, show up for your coaching calls, follow the plan, play full out--and can't quantify outstanding value and tangible results, we'll happily give you a full refund. We're ready to put our money where our mouth is...are you?




A Better Life is Waiting For You