Chronic Pain Got You Frustrated?

Try the Pain-Free Movement Challenge 3.0

Do You Suffer From:

  • Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Foot or Ankle Pain

Pain Doesn't Have to Be Your Constant Companion

You Just Need a New Perspective...And a New Way to Move.

Over 200 Exercises

Strategically Sequenced to Get You Out Of Pain

Good Movement Is Good Medicine 

  • Rebuild your foundation using only body weight exercises
  • Recapture motions you've neglected
  • Reclaim buoyant, pain-free movement
  • Various tracks for different types of pain
  • All ability levels welcome

All in the Convenience of Your Own Home

Understand The Mystery of Pain

Get Over 60 Minutes of Education on the Science of Pain


  • Why stretching isn't helping
  • Why modern fitness leaves you hurting
  • Emotional triggers that perpetuate pain
  • Dietary factors related to pain
  • Alternative ways to overcome pain
  • Much more...

Did We Mention It's 90% Off 

For a Limited Time...Get the Program for $14

Not Required

  • Any Additional Expense
  • Equipment - You Just Need Gravity*
  • Gym - A Living Room/Hotel Room is Fine


  • Engaged, Curious Mind
  • Consistent, Focused Effort
  • 30-45 Minutes a Day for 14 Days

 Program Runs 12/2 - 12/15

Registration End 12/1 at 8:00pm


Got Questions?

We Got Answers.

Can I really reduce my pain in 14 days?

Can I do this program if I just had surgery?

How long are the workouts?

How is the content delivered?

I have a joint replacement. Can I do this program?

*Do I really not need equipment?

Will I have access to a coach during the program?

Can this program compliment my normal workouts?

Disclaimer: Nothing in this program contains medical advice and should not be used as such. While many people experience 50-100% pain relief from learning this new way to move, there is no guarantee you will. Any and all exercise programs carry inherent risk and anyone choosing to engage in this program does so at their own risk. There is a good chance exercising even one day in this program, let alone for 14 days, will make you quite sore. 

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