Healthy-Lifestyle Reset

Lose Weight. Stop Pain. Heal Your Body.


Your breakthrough doesn't have to be complicated, or invasive.

Learn how to take control of your health without pills, surgeries, extreme measures, or crashing your schedule, draining your willpower, or sacrificing your relationships.

This could save you thousands of dollars, and spare you years of frustration.

What You'll Learn in Our FREE Training

  • Why doctors, personal trainers, nutritionists and others aren't helping people create breakthroughs

    and why we so desperately need a new approach.

  • Why your body is not fighting you and why thinking of it that way is blocking your results.

  • How you can lose weight at a sustainable pace of 2-4 pounds a week even if you're injured or wrestling with a health condition.*

  • Why the average person goes on a diet 55 times (and only 8% of people find sustainable weight loss)...and how you can avoid the same trap.

  • How to stay motivated and consistent when life gets busy, and after the excitement of starting is over.

  • Why treating weight loss as a math equation is the WORST way to get lasting results, and why a Whole Human approach changes everything.

Presented by

Christian Elliot

Christian Elliot is a certified personal trainer, life coach, health coach, and nutrition expert. He is a no-nonsense mentor of achievers, and has helped hundreds of clients radically transform their health and keep it that way.

Hear Their Stories

Lost 70 lbs. in 9 Months

Find out what a dozen different personal trainers were never able to teach her.

Reversed Heart Disease at Age 58

Learn the mindset shift that turned around his health, healed his achy joints, and caused him to lose 20 pounds.

Lost 5% Body Fat 7 Weeks

Find out how this wife and mother changed her life, learned lifelong skills, and healed her body.

Lost 50 lbs. in 10 Months

Find out how this busy husband, father of 6, and small business owner finally achieved sustainable results.


The results mentioned above are not typical of anyone trying to improve their health. The people mentioned above worked extremely diligently to get these results and there is no guarantee that by following the principles laid out in this presentation that you will experience similar success. 

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