We Get You...

We know what it's like to feel pulled in a dozen different directions, and like you're not able to bring your best to the things that matter most. We don't always nail-it, but life has taught us that we can accomplish a lot...just not everything at the same time, and that there is wisdom in knowing how to simplify to make room for what does matter.


We know the frustrations of trying to find health answers, of dealing with chronics aches and pains, and finding conflicting guidance that leads a thousand different directions. We have helped enough people to know that wisdom lies in asking important question about the philosophies behind the options you find.


We've known health challenges, and the discipline required to get well, not just manage symptoms. It may not be the easiest option, but in our experience, doing things like spending a concentrated time addressing digestion issues, getting hyper-focused on nutrition, or seeing a wellness practitioner can make a world of difference and is worth it for what it teaches us about our incredible bodies.


Our sweet spot is helping people in the crazy-busy, middle-third of life who want the energy and vitality that only a healthy body can provide...who want to make a difference, lead by example, age gracefully and be the best stewards of life's most precious gifts. 

Meet Your Coaches

Christian Elliot


Christian has been a coach since 2003...logging over 15,000 hours of 1-1 coaching. His quest to heal led him to personally use over three dozen different alternative modalities. He is an author, speaker, and educator, and (with Nina) built one of the most holistic, brick-and-mortar, fitness-and-wellness businesses ever seen--see below.


Background and Education

Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach 

Certified Nutrition Coach

B.S. Communication - Calvin College

M.Div. - Fuller Theological Seminary

Full-time coach since 2003



Asking good questions

Explaining technical concepts


Looking good in toe shoes

Fried eggs


Nina Elliot


Nina is a personal trainer and health coach. Before co-creating and operating an online coaching business, she, along with her husband, owned and operated a holistic wellness business (see below). She also manages five children and a homeschool. Her passions are cooking, teaching, hospitality, and group fitness. 


Background and Education

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Nutrition Practitioner

Certified Group-Fitness Instructor

Self-Taught Traditional Food Chef

Business owner since 2003



Homeschool mama

Enormous Capacity for Enjoyment

Group Fitness


Adding salt





Where We Honed All These Skills

We know what's out there...

and we know why a different approach is needed.

A True-ly Unique Experience


We’ve Observed the Health and Fitness Industry From an Objective Place Few People Ever Will...

  • Since 2003 (including 9 years as brick-and-mortar locations), we have run our own health and fitness consulting business.
  • We ran 4 different brick and mortar locations and managed over 12,000 square feet of space.
  • Before transitioning to the virtual coaching programs we run today, our in-person business grew to 40+ employees across a broad spectrum of services, such as personal training, Pilates, group fitness, naturopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, and more. 
  • We have hired, integrated, and developed a network of professionals for just about any aspect of healthy living you can think of.
  • In addition to working with clients, our job has always been to integrate our breadth of knowledge and services in ways that best serve our clients. 
  • We’ve spent more than 20,000 hours coaching people 1-1 and in groups.

"When you can earn a living from dozens of different services, you become unattached to one

modality or another, instead you think broadly and figure out what's best for the individual person."




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