The Planning Intensive

Dec 28th 2020 - Jan 2nd 2021

A One-Week Event to Take Back Control of Your Life and Health in 2021 

Know Yourself Deeply. Plan Like a Boss. Stay Motivated and Consistent. 


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Is This Right For You?

We'll, can you relate to any of the following...

 This Past Year Have You...

  • Lost the motivation and energy to pursue your goals and passions?
  • Gained weight, and need to feel back in control of your health habits?
  • Had major or minor health setbacks? 
  • Been overwhelmed with shifting priorities? 
  • Felt disconnected from community?
  • ​Seen an opportunity to build a better life? 

You are not alone. 

And you're not without hope.

Through the framework of personal development, in the context of community, and with some of the best tools the coaching industry has to offer, this one-week intensive will set you up for your best year yet! 

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Your Goals + Personal Development 

+ A System for Consistency = Transformation

All of Our BEST Coaching Tools in One Week

  • Year in Review

  • 360 Health Inventory

  • 360 Life Assessment

  • Bandwidth Barometer

  • Overwhelm Annihilator

  • Habits Audit 

  • Transformation Type

  • Sanity Check

  • Leather-Bound Planner

(and so much more...)

In this (aptly-named) intensive you'll identify and what has been holding you back, map out a real plan that doesn't oversimplify or overcomplicate your life, and gain a system for setting goals and staying consistent in the year ahead.

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Got Questions?

We Got Answers.


What is the time commitment of this Intensive?

Will I need to buy any materials?

Will I have access to a coach during the program?

Will I be working on only health specific goals, or bigger life-goals as well?

DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this program contains medical advice and should not be used as such. Any and all health programs carry inherent risk and anyone choosing to engage in this program does so at their own risk.  

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